Mississippi Law Journal Award

The Mississippi Law Journal recently bestowed the Mississippi Law Journal Award on Greyson Young. The Mississippi Law Journal Award has presented this award annually to the third-year member who has most contributed to the betterment of the Journal through hard work and self-sacrifice and who has dedicated themselves to improving the quality of the Journal’s publications and its reputation in the law school community and the legal community outside the university. The Mississippi Law Journal Award is the highest honor the Mississippi Law Journal confers on a student member.

Young serves as Volume 91’s Mississippi Cases Editor. Young’s article entitled “Seizing the Wheel: The Need for Uniformity in State Driving Bans for People with Epilepsy” will be published in Vol. 90 of The Mississippi Law Journal. Additionally, his article entitled “How Much is Too Much: The Difficulties of Social Media Content Moderation” will be published in Vol. 31 of Information & Communications Technology Law Journal. Following graduation, Young will be joining a private practice firm in his hometown of Marks, MS.

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Robert C. Khayat Award for Outstanding Service and Contribution to the Mississippi Law Journal

The Mississippi Law Journal recognized Schyler Burney and Claire Scott as this year’s recipients of the Robert C. Khayat Award.

This honor is awarded to two third-year Journal members who best represent the service and commitment of former Chancellor Robert C. Khayat. Robert C. Khayat is a Journal alumnus, Emeriti Professor of Law, and former Chancellor of the university.

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Burney serves as one of Volume 91’s Executive Notes and Comments Editors. Her article entitled “Sorry Not Sorry: An Empirical Review of Excessive Force Claims Focusing on Inconsistent Reasonableness Standards and Expressions of Sympathy” will be published in Volume 91 of the Mississippi Law Journal.


Scott serves as Volume 91’s Executive Editor. Her article entitled “Corporate Espionage by Drone: Why Corporations Need Better Physical and legal Defenses” will be published in Volume 91 of the Mississippi Law Journal. Following graduation, Scott will work for MGC Law in Oxford, MS.