Mississippi Law Journal publishes a weekly case briefing service called BriefServ. BriefServ produces succinct synopses of opinions handed down by the Mississippi Supreme Court and Mississippi Court of Appeals. BriefServ subscribers receive briefed opinions months before those opinions appear in regional reporters.

Each briefed opinion is written by a Staff Editor, then edited by the Associate Cases Editors and the Mississippi Cases Editor. Once all the briefs are edited, the Mississippi Cases Editor complies all briefed opinions into a newsletter. The BriefServ Newsletter is then sent to all subscribers on Sunday, the end of the briefing week.


Subscription to BriefServ is $125.00 per year. Subscriptions are renewed automatically unless the subscriber sends notice of termination. If you wish to subscribe please do not send payment with your subscription request, as you will be billed after the subscription commences. To subscribe, please email us at business@mississippilawjournal.org.

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