The Mississippi Law Journal is pleased to announce that thirteen of Volume 89’s Staff Editors will have their Comments published in eight different law reviews. Each fall, the 2L class of Staff Editors participates in a rigorous Comment writing process in which they research and write a scholarly article about a legal issue of their choice over a six-month period. Students submit their legal scholarship for publication in law reviews across the nation, seeking to contribute a novel perspective on a current issue affecting a particular area of the law. Students who accept an offer for publication will have their scholarship published in a law review alongside the scholarly works of judges, lawyers, legislators, and professors. The Mississippi Law Journal congratulates the following members on this great achievement:

Kaitlin Bethay: Mothering in Mississippi: How State Laws Systemically Burden Single Mothers of Color – forthcoming in Volume 10 of the Tennessee Journal of Race, Gender, and Social Justice.

Brittany Brewer: Avoiding Prison Bars, But Gaining a Bar to Inheritance: A Statutory Solution for the Insane Slayer Through a Comparative Approach – forthcoming in Volume 89 of the Mississippi Law Journal.

Charles Ellzey: Promoting Globalization in Space Policy: A Look at United States Export Controls – forthcoming in Volume 44.1 of the Journal of Space Law (The University of Mississippi).

Melissa Fenwick: The Long Row: Examining the Contemporary, Cruel, and Unusual Death Penalty – forthcoming in Volume 3, Issue 2 of Willamette University’s Social Justice and Equity Law Journal.

Jennifer Lee: “Justice for All”: The Necessity of New Prosecutorial Accountability Measures – forthcoming in Volume 90 of the Mississippi Law Journal; Liability Redefined: The Application of Agency Law to an Athletic Booster’s Relationship with an NCAA Member Institution – forthcoming in Volume 13 of the Pepperdine University Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship and the Law.

Anna McLemore: Stalking By Way of the Courts: Tennessee’s Abusive Civil Action Law and Why all States Should Adopt a Similar Approach to Abusive Litigation in the Family Law Context – forthcoming in the Fall 2020 edition of the UCLA Women’s Law Journal.

Charles Matranga: Family Ties-The Familial Privacy Implications of Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing – forthcoming in Volume 75 of the Food and Drug Law Journal.

Allison Middleton: Were You Sentenced to Die in Prison? The Changing Landscape of Litigation Surrounding the Treatment of Inmates with Hepatitis C and Why Inmates Must Receive the Cure – forthcoming in Volume 90 of the Mississippi Law Journal.

Elena Mosby Peters: Jurisdiction to Tax is Not Jurisdiction at All: Understanding Jurisdiction’s Jargon in Light of South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. -forthcoming in Volume 89 of the Mississippi Law Journal.

Breland Parker: Landowner Protection or Caveat Emptor?: Mississippi’s Landowner Protection Act Applied to Residential Tenants – forthcoming in Volume 90 of the Mississippi Law Journal. 

Eli Scott: Confrontation Compromise: How Modern State Rules of Evidence Could Ensure Transparent Forensic Reports – forthcoming in Volume 56 of the Criminal Law Bulletin.

Sarah Schofield: Death with Dignity for the Dying and the Damned – forthcoming in Volume 90 of the Mississippi Law Journal.

Michael Stirgus: Mississippi’s Miller Mire: The Misapplication of Miller v. Alabama in Mississippi and a Proposed Modern Model Statute – forthcoming in Volume 89 of the Mississippi Law Journal.